Android Platform is becoming popular now a days . and its also Product Of Google and Android Give you app in every Field .if people need any Kind Of help they do not install software they install only apps because today its a time of apps not a software because every person have smart phone and people using android For gaming, Texting,Education, theme Etc .

Alot of apps available on Google play Store and you can get any Info about it easy .Mostly people do not like default keyboard Of Android phone and they only want own Custom keyboard Some keyboard have Speaking feature also so i am sharing with You 5 Best Go keyboard Apps for Android .You can use it

List Of Keyboard Apps :

1.Google Keyboard

google-keyboardGoogle keyboard is most Popular keyboard is Android market and its is Free available on google Play Store. the best Features Of this apps is its can easy capitalization,suggest words and voice talking.Android 4.0 or higher version is required For This app. and round about 500+ million user have been download this keyboard app.this app give you Full Privacy .

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2.Go Keyboard

go-keyboardGo keyboard is also Popular and famous app in smart Phone its is also available in play Store and this app have 10000 Theme and 100+ Fonts and you can use it this app give you custom Sticker also .This app also Give you Full Privacy and Round about 100+ million user have been download this app.

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3.My photo Keyboard

my-photo-keyboardMy Photo keyboard is also popular app and its a best app i am also using this app personally . best thing of This app is you can set own Picture from gallery as a keyboard background .100=million user are using this app .This app give you 500 Different theme also.

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4.Rainbow Love Emoji Keyboard

rainbow-keyboardthis app is popular due to rainbow Color and this is also free app and available on Play store.this app give you 5000 Emoji and Stickers also . this app support 65 language also . and 10+ million user are using this app.

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5.Neon Blue Keyboard

neon-blue-keyboardThis app is also best app for keyboards and this app work on any android version  you do not need any specific android Phone just download from play store and install it .this app support 95 Different language .


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so these are 5 Best Go keyboard apps and you can download and us eit

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