Android Is Modern platform For games of smart Phone . many of people have smart Phone and they do not what is Top 5 best games For Android . when we feel Bore all day then we play a games in own smart Phone so Android is big Plate form For gaming and you can easy Download all type Of games . so today i will tell you Top 5 Best android games .Mostly people play these type of games and i also play these games .

List Of 5 Best Android Games :

1. Subway Surfers

subway-surfer-android-game Subway surf is a Top game in android market and People mostly Play that game in this games you did not much struggle Boy escape from subway Inspector and you move Boy left right by touch the screen and Subway surf have 4.5 rating in Google play store.Round about 200+ million people have download that game . and you know how much Popular this game .


2. Hill climb Racing:


its is also most Popular game in Android Market and 100+ Million user have been download that game . in this game we just Drive car and cross the Hills and we collect Coins and we can upgrade cars collecting Coins Just .its so easy and awesome game this game have race and Break Button . and its graphics so awesome.



3.Basketball Shot:

basketball-shoot-android-gameits also Popular game in Android and 50+ million user have been down load this game in this game you just throw a ball in basket and you select the angle and background also. so you can change 12 background . and graphics of this game is good.



4.Chain Reaction

chain-reaction-android-game Chain Reaction is so Light game and 5+ Million user have been download that this game we just create army of Circle and destroy the enemy army and 8 People can play this game.

and Review Ratio of that game in play Store is 4.5



5.Shooty Skies

shooty-skies-android-game Shooty Skies is also Top best android game in Play store and this game have rating in Play store is 4.5. and in this game we just play as pilot man game and avoid the shoot from enemy plans.we just destroy the enemy assets and complete the mission 50+ million People have been download that game.




Now these are Top 5 best Android games In Play Store Mostly People Play these Games
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