Its a Time of Smart phone and mostly people use social media and messengers For chatting ,Entertainmnet and talk with friends and family . even if we have dual sim Phone we can not use 2 diffrect social media account in same devve and same Phone . soem people have more than 1 account of Whatsapp ,Facebook,viber,imo,twitter, etc

and people want use more than account on same Phone and device like computer and laptop. in Computer and laptop we can use more than 2 or 3 accounts . so in Phone directly no have a chance .we some apps offer this facilities you can use more than 1 or 2,3 account at same time in a same will not need login and logout for  this just login all account at same time and enjoy. i am mention all best app Manage Multiple user Accounts.

List Of manage Multiple user Accounts :

1: Parallel Space 

In this app you can use 2 account at same time in same smart Phone . in this app you can open accounts of Whatapp,facebook,wechat,viber do not need logout just tap account you want switch and just it just tap it simple.


2MB space o this app cover in ur phone .and This app respect Ur privacy Policy in ur phone.You can open two gaming accounts and 2 social media account just tap it and enjoy

 Download  Parallel Space

2:  2Account:

@account is social design For open Mutiple user account in same device its just like parallel app . you can open 2 accounts of gaming sites Facebook ,and whatsapp accounts.


This app store all data of account separatly and you do need to mange data byself.Gurad service also available how you account can be protective.

Download 2Acounts

3: Multi Accounts:

This app is also For use Multiple User Accounts for same phone so you can login more than 1 account in same phone and you can open Whatsapp,We chat line,Facebook,gaming accounts also .


Feature: best for double sim Phone,You data will e secure and save and also You can easy toggle two accounts.

Download App 

4: CM App clone

This app design for using Multiple User Accounts of social and gaming .when you switch 1 account you can receive all notification of switch account if y12222222222ou are using 2nd account .


Download App 


These are app you can use 2 account Multiple User Accounts same time in same phone either phone have single sim or double sim . so if you face any difficulty plz commnet below i will solve you

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