VPN is Virtual Private network and you can use vpn for own security and safety most Of people do Not use Vpn and they are doing alot of Online business and running alot of sites each and every thing they are doing . But hacker are seening all thing on that specific IP adress and they send virus files , Keyloggers we do Not Know a virus or crypt file have been eneter in our system hacker send these file through IP address we are using a Internet connection This connection have a specific IP address . why we use VPn its q question when we use VPn our real IP address have been hide and vpn give us a other Country IP address this Ip is not our me My actual IP is Hide so hacker seen virtual Ip adress and they attack on that Ip so if they send files these file do not enter in our system because our actual IP hide in hacker eye . Free VPNs

so i wam sharing you Top 5 Free VPNS For android and Pc:

1:Hola Free VPNs

Hola vpn allow you to open lock websites and you can open all Block website by changing Ip address of diffrent countries.and its hide you actual identity .in this vpn you can see alot of country that why this vpn is my favourate VPn .

Download Hola VPn for Android

2:Hotspot Free VPNs

Hostspot Vpn is My first vpn when i use it On pc i download this vpn setup and install In my hotspot offer ellite paid Version also . But in free Version you can use 4 country Ip adress.Hotspot offer You free wifi and you can use fre wifi with best Speed .Hotspot unblock all websites.

Download Hotspot VPN

3:HideMyAss VPn

HideMyAss vpn is best vpn now a days they are doing advertising on google adword and after other vpn using now i a using Hidemyass its giving me multiple proxy list of usa uk, and other premium countries.

Download HideMyAss VPN

4:HideNinja VPN

HideNinja i also a best VPN in market its Unblock all sites and you can also use free wifi through this VPn its unblock porn site,netflix,honolul,and other sites .

Download Hide Ninja VPn

5:Hideman VPN

This vpn hide You actual Ip adress and asign you virtual Ip adress no body can trace you and Your actual location even no police and intelligence can trace you .ou will be able to protect your internet data with strong 256-bit encryption. its a strong VPn .

Download Hideman VPn.

if you need any hel related Free VPNs comment below i will reply you instant.
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